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Since Arlen Pelletier was a child he has had an unquestionable love for art. He delved into the world of fiction and fantasy through comics, cartoons, movies, and anything that drove his passion to create. Just as early as he could hold a pencil, Arlen discovered a talent for creating these creatures he read and watched. All throughout school he took any available art classes, honing his skills in drawing and painting.


Upon graduating from high school Arlen studied in the graphic design program at Vancouver Island University, but he found this didn't give him enough hands-on creative freedom, and he went back to the drawing board for his career.


He took a few years traveling the world, discovering different art and artistic media. Then, he came back to Vancouver Island and enrolled in the Masters Luthier program at the Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair. He showed a clear aptitude for the fine intricate details of instrument building, and the owners of the school asked Arlen to stay and become an instructor. He taught at the school for over 9 years. During this time Arlen has focused not only on building, but he also renewed his graphic skills of drafting and design.


In 2010 he found another passion in sculpting, which has inspired a journey of learning, re-learning, and falling in love again with all different types of art and artistic media. From traditional to digital programs such as Zbrush and CAD, he has found his calling. Focusing on anatomy, detail and form, Arlen's goal is to make every piece as interesting as possible.

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